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MinionTV Interview and a Video

April 11, 2010

So, I did a little webcam interview with Stephen and Justin of MinionTV about a week ago, and I was finally able to put the thing together in a semi-coherent form. Unfortunately, I’m a little new at this and when I went back and looked at the footage, I discovered that my voice was extremely loud and their voices were very soft, which made for an extremely jarring viewing experience. Since they are more important me, I decided to cut myself out of the interview almost entirely (although you can see my nodding head down in the left hand corner). They had some good thoughts on their video project and about the term “postrock.” I like these guys a lot, and I think they’ve got a great album out now. You can visit their site here. Check out the interview video below.

Also—since I was messing around with a video editing program already—I put together a little music video fro their song, “I Hit, I Miss, I Fall,” and they were gracious enough to put it on their site as well. You can see my video below and visit the MinionTV site for more videos.

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